Is BTT safe? Does it keep logs (keylogs?)


I am really excited to use this app, yet I always feel uneasy with it running.
If I am to log in to a sensitive website, I always make sure to terminate BTT first.
Do I have anything to worry about? Does BTT keep keylogs? I want truthful answers from legitimate sources.
If the application is safe, I will definetly look into purchasing it.

You can view the logs that BTT keeps in this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/Logs
This doesn't include keylogs or similar things. Also the logs are only stored locally. Users can send them to me manually if they want help with debugging some feature.

If you only use BTT's standard features and configure it yourself you should be save - however if you use custom presets downloaded from the internet I can not know what code they contain. So to be absolutely safe configure BTT yourself.