Is 2 or 3 Finger Touch anywhere (not just top) on Magic Mouse available to drag windows?

On my MacBook Pro trackpad and Magic Trackpad, I use the 3 finger drag gesture to perform a drag action (eg. move windows, resize windows, select text, etc.).

System Preferences app > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options > Enable dragging checked with three finder drag option selected.

I would like to start/stop a drag action on a Magic Mouse by "resting" 3 finders on the mouse. In BetterTouchTool I see "2 Finder Touch Top" and "3 Finder Touch Top" available, but I find moving my finger to the top of the mouse awkward. Is 2 or 3 Finder Touch (anywhere) available and I am just missing it? Or is there another way to accomplish the 2 or 3 finger drag with a Magic Mouse?

Thanks from a BetterTouchTool newbie!

Sorry, I don't think this is possible with BTT. Resting would cause too many issues, thus it's only available on the top part of the mouse.

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg

Is there anyway to modify the touch top area so I can bring down the line between normal touch and touch top area? It's quite impossible for me to use "two or three finger touch top" to drag windows without having to lift my whole hand. It just doesn't feel natural.

If that's not possible, do you guys suggest any other way to drag windows using the magic mouse in a intuitive and natural way? I tried a combination of magic mouse while holding a key, but I use an external keyboard and it feels weird having to use the other hand...

@BTT_USER Did you find any solution?

BTT is amazing BTW! Cheers

Hi @Airton_Azevedo -

No, I did not find a solution. I ended up going back to a Magic Trackpad. I would love to use the Magic Mouse, but as you stated, the "three finger touch top" was just too un-natural. If @Andreas_Hegenberg could find a way to allow three finder touch on the main Magic Mouse surface so I could just rest three finders and move the mouse to drag, that would be ideal and bring me back to the Magic Mouse. I think he found two beta testers. :slight_smile: