Invoking clipboard manager crashes BTT

After upgrading to 3.624, whenever I attempt to invoke the clipboard manager, one of two things happens. Either the the window appears for a split second, then disappears and BTT disappears from the menu bar as well. A crash log appears in Console. Or it brings up the window, but it is greyed out and nonresponive to inputs, and I have to restart BTT to get it to go away (see screenshot).BTT (30.2 KB)

Crash log attached. I've tried rebooting, reinstalling, and reverting to a previous version but the behavior persists. MacOS 10.15.6

I have the same problem, sometimes it crashed, sometimes it hang.

There is another thread on this called "BTT Clipboard Manager hangs on open" with more info, so please close this one. My issue seems to have self-resolved.