Invert Trackpad orientation stopped working after upgrading to Monterey

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Invert Trackpad orientation stopped working after upgrading to Monterey

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  • Type of Mac: MBP
  • macOS version: 12.0.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: (please post the exact version - not just "the latest one") 2.685

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I realized that the problem gets solved if I toggle the Bluetooth button after logging on. But this is a pain to do with every login. What's the solution here? Appreciate any help.

Thank you,

I am experiencing this, also. I can't say exactly when this behavior began, it was one of the updates released in the last couple of weeks. It does not appear to be related to Monterey, I had Monterey for a while before the most recent BetterTouchTool updates.

I notice this most often in the mornings right after my Mac wakes up from sleep. It does happen at other times during the day, though.

Unlike ankit.indigenius, I sometimes have a hard time getting the inverted trackpad behavior to restore. I disconnect and reconnect the trackpad, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. I toggle the inverted trackpad behavior off and on again in BetterTouchTool, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. I often have to just deal with the trackpad being in "normal" orientation (which, because of how I need to have it positioned, is upside-down for me) until it eventually goes back to inverted at some random time later in the day.

Fortunately for me, the trackpad is my secondary/backup input device but this issue has been an annoyance and definitely only began recently.

Type of Mac: 21.5" iMac 2019, 3.6GHz i3
MacOS Version: 12.0.1
BetterTouchTool Version: 3.626 (1778)
Trackpad: Apple original Magic Trackpad (2010)

I've had to disable the "invert trackpad orientation" function in BTT because it's roughly 50% hit-or-miss if the trackpad is going to be inverted when I reach to use it and, as I previously reported, I sometimes can't get the inverted orientation setting to work – seems completely random as to both.

Annoying for me as I can't use the Trackpad in normal orientation where I normally keep it because the lower edge gets stuck under my keyboard (in addition to being very unergonomic when in normal orientation) so I have to move it to a completely different position on my desk and deal with the trackpad's lower edge closer to me rather than further away.

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