Interrupt a macro and ask

Can BTT interrupt a macro and ask me if I want to stop or continue?


Trigger the macro (shortcut)

BTT executes
Action 1
Action 2
Action 3

Question: Stop or continue? (Maybe, two buttons I can click)

If I click stop, then nothing else happens.

If I click continue, then BTT execute

Action 4
Action 5

Is there a predefined action "stop and ask"? :joy:

In general I recommend to use Apple's shortcuts app for such things.
However I'm currently finishing some basic loops and conditionals which will allow to do this directly in BTT. Currently planned for BTT 4.200 end of August.

You could already do it right now with some scripting.

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Then I look forward to v 4.2.

This is now possible with BTT 4.243 on macOS >= 13

You can combine the Ask For User Input action with the new If / Else actions

//edit: ah I need to make it so it doesn't steal the focus of the previously active window. Will do with next version.

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