Insert Text always default at white text

I can't see the words I'm typing when I make a "paste text" shortcut.

It defaults to white text on white background every time.

Not sure how to make it default to black text on white background.

It's not that I want to paste a specific color or format, I just want to be able to see what I'm typing in that little window when you tell it what to paste.

you can change the font color via the color picker left of the textfield

Thanks Andreas, I was just wondering why it defaults to white on white, such that you can't see what you're typing, and if there's a way to set a black text on white background as default? I'm making a lot of keyboard shortcuts.

these are a bit hard to handle because the action is not separated into dark and light mode. So if I default to white on black in dark mode, and then you switch to light mode, BTT would have saved the chosen dark mode color and display white on white.

Also what if you want to (for example) paste white text in light mode or black text in dark mode? Should it still show as black while in light mode? Unfortunately I think every option is in some way confusing ;-(.

Maybe at some point I’ll add some logic to make it always readable, and/or split it in dark/light mode.

I see what you're saying about light/dark mode, but the current behavior means the user can't see anything they've typed in the input field until they select the text (which they can't see) and change the color.

My only use case for this feature is to paste raw, unformatted text. I have many of these shortcuts and have never used the formatting, and my hunch is that most users are in the same boat.

A default setting option would be nice, or perhaps a second action like "Insert / Type / Paste Unformatted Text" that does away with the formatting all together.