Initial menu placement glitch

On the right screen edge you can see a huge (unhovered) floating menu with wrong dimensions that appeared like that right after I enabled the menu (Toggle Floating Menu Hidden/Shown action). After the first hover/unhover action, the placement/dimension corrects itself.

Still happens on v4.183.

I have been having this same bug, and can't seem to locate a similar post. Did you ever find out what the issue was. I had my floating widget dialed in nice for a few weeks, messed with a setting today and now hover refuses to work properly. Even when loading a new floating menu, hover just goes haywire.

Unfortunately, my preset got removed on its own so I stopped using this floating menu.

If you have a menu that doesn't behave correctly, please share it with me (right click the menu => export to file) so I can check what's wrong.

Either post it here or if it contains sensitive data send it to

I've attached a video of the problem. The problem shows itself even when inserting a default floating menu. As soon as I start to alter the "Resize on Hover" I can't get the menu to cooperate.

if you enable resize on hover you must also provide the hover min width & height, leaving these empty will lead to undefined behavior

Putting data in the min width and height doesn't change the results :frowning:

ah sorry, I think I should make this more clear.

The hover values must be bigger than the standard width and height. The idea behind the hover is to enlarge a menu on-demand, i.e. when hovering it.
Is there a usecase for making it smaller on hover?

Ah, I get it now! At somepoint during my tinkering I had reversed the numbers, and was thinking hover needed to be larger, and got so hungup on it. I was running in circles for two days. Thanks for your help! :pray:

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I'll add some sanity checks to the form with the next version!