Individual gestures/shortcuts/macros randomly stop working, have to either duplicate or create new from scratch to fix

Some of my shortcuts will randomly stop working, while the rest work fine. Sometimes I am able to fix it by duplicating that shortcut and deleting the old one, but most of the time I have to delete and re-create it from scratch before it starts working. Most of my gestures just fire off keyboard shortcuts or keyboard maestro macros via UUID. It doesn't seem to make a difference what the trigger/action is, random ones will randomly stop working. Quitting/relaunching BTT doesn't work, neither does disabling/enabling the shortcuts. Re-importing the preset or reinstalling doesn't work either. This issue comes up quite frequently and randomly, even as I restart/shut down occasionally and move across different systems and computers.

I am on an old Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave 10.14.6. This has happened to me on multiple computers (but basically the same specs/system). I have tried the latest version as of June 2022 and it crashes on me consistently so I had to roll back to an older version (I'm currently on 3.756 (1897). It seems I am unable to run the latest version as my system is too old.

I have to stay on this older software/hardware for compatibility with legacy software/hardware for audio engineering.

One of the shortcuts that I notice failing the most is my pinch zooming shortcut for Pro Tools. The trigger is pinching, the action is hitting "T" or "R". Super simple shortcut but it fails on me all the time and I have to recreate it from scratch. (The latest version of PT now supports pinch zooming but on many systems i have to run an older version and need this shortcut). This doesn't seem to be the same bug I've seen where pinching fails globally across the OS. In those cases it can be fixed by opening system preferences and unchecking/checking pinch zooming under the trackpad settings. Another shortcut that seems to fail a lot is my shortcut for saving across all applications (trigger: double tap 3 fingers, action: command S). But I'm not sure there's any pattern to it, I just use those ones all the time so I notice it first. But while these specific shortcuts are failing, most of my other ones work fine.

Weird, sounds like something might be corrupting your BTT database. Do you maybe have the experimental iCloud or Dropbox sync enabled in BTT?

Hey Andreas, thanks for your quick response!

I do have Dropbox sync enabled on one of my machines, I just turned it off to test. However this has happened on systems where sync is not enabled as well.

Additionally, with newer versions of Pro Tools that natively support pinch zooming, on those systems I disable my pinch zooming shortcut which hits "T" and "R". However at times, even with it disabled, it interferes with my normal pinch zooming and pinching does nothing anymore. I have to delete those disabled shortcuts to make it work which seems weird. Seems like they're not really disabled.