Include "specific setting for current app" option for window snapping (like BetterSnapTool)

One of the main reasons I continue using BetterSnapTool alongside BTT is because you can set specific sizes (per application) for window-snapping. (i.e. Finder makes sense at 50/50% but something like Mail, for example, I prefer at 70%.)

Are there any plans to add this feature to BTT? Or will it always be a BetterSnapTool-only feature?

oh I just didn't think anybody really uses this :slight_smile:
I will add it to BTT with the upcoming new UI ( is easier to fit it in there)

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Awesome, thanks!

So, generally speaking, is the plan to eventually merge BST into BTT (one unified app)?

I mean... most BST features are already there in BTT except for the one in this post, BST keyboard shortcut settings (which can be setup as actions in BTT profiles but would be much more convenient to include in the general BTT window-snapping settings), and some BST "extras", especially the "show menu with all actions" feature.

I mention the "show menu with all actions" feature because I need to access my Mac remotely sometimes and (due to window-snapping issues while using the VNC software) right-clicking the green button is the best solution I've found...

This is one of my favorite features of BetterSnapTool and would love to see it in BTT!


Found this thread in a search. Is this a feature yet? I need to snap windows of only a specific app, otherwise it is a nuisance.

Thank you,


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is this implemented yet?