In defined Snap Area, window snapping won't occur until you leave snap area and enter it again

Like in the bug description. Defining snap area with the size of the window, when I try to snap window while inside snap area, window snapping will only occur when I leave the snapping area with mouse and reenter it again. I've attached a movie that describes the behavior. I think the snapping should occur also when dragging is started inside snapping zone, or maybe a toggle inside settings that would allow to define such zones that would be active while dragging is started inside.

This is not how snap areas are supposed to be used :slight_smile: Usually you have a small area that expands to the designated size/position.

However snap areas do have a setting „allow snap inside“ that you can enable per area if you need this feature. (sorry currently not at home to check, it’s somewhere in the snap area’s settings

This is not how snap areas are supposed to be used :slight_smile: Usually you have a small area that expands to the designated size/position.

but I want it this way! :slight_smile:

also, cannot find the setting you mentioned in settings for snap areas (or i'm blind :slight_smile: )

Awesome piece of software btw! Kudos!

Ok :slight_smile:
I’ll check where the setting is located when i’m back at my computer!

Ok found the setting :slight_smile: Working as expected!

Got another concern though. I have snap area defined to use hotkey (cmd in my case). When I start dragging and press cmd, snap areas show up, but when I release it, they remain, any chance that keyup on a hotkey would make them disappear? :slight_smile:

I will need to check that - it should be doable. However I think with the current version this is not possible.

Yep, current version doesn't support it, buf if you could add this feature, It would be totally awesome :slight_smile:

i'm upgrading to alpha versions anyway to test new stuff out, can test it for you :slight_smile:

also, one more feature request. I noticed window resiszing shortcuts (i'm in the process of configuring it and ditching Magnet in favor of BTT). Any chance for a predefined feature of using /sixth of screen for window positions (divide screen to 6, currently there's only option for 3rds). I'm using dual 49 ultrawide monitors you see, could be very handy to have it :slight_smile: Otherwise i'll have to setup it myself somehow (Which I saw is possible).

below screenshot from Magnet

About the keyup thing, I noticed that the zones don't disappear only if dragging is started inside zone and key released, hope it's helpfull.

Any updates on the keypress thingy? :slight_smile:

Hey I'm having the same issue, but I can't seem to find the 'allow snapping inside' option, where'd you find it?