In App Conflict x Feature Request

Hi there, In an app called “FL Studio” sometimes a typing box prompt pops up to name items. Conflict occurs when typing to name items in the FL Studio, BTT will fire certain other shortcuts or actions (as expected) but not wanted while a type box appears .. needless to say but this is happening because the letters from the keyboard are pre-mapped in the BTT app as shortcuts for FL Studio - which is great, but not needed at the time.

.. there should be a way that the BTT app automatically temporarily disables so that when such typing prompts do occur the workflow is uninterrupted and you can type using the keys from the keyboard to correctly name items. without actions being performed. (AutoHotKeys does a great job at this)

this would greatly help the workflow, because right now this is really a problem with workflow continually being interrupted - having to manually disable BTT in order to be able to type something in, into a type box. Then re-enabling BTT ..

thank you much for the read & thank you very much for such an wonderful app !

with kind regards