Impossible to show App native TouchBar and remove MacOS Control strip (when BTT active)

I want to use the native Adobe Illustrator Touchbar - and remove the MacOS Strip to the right.
This should be possible in BTT, by creating a conditional group for Adobe Illustrator, and set the group to "Show the App standard touch bar, and disable MacOS Control Strip when BTT is activated"

However, if I do that, I still see the Control Strip - how can I have the native app touch bar, minus the crap control strip and instead there display BTT custom widgets?

Either I misunderstand that option or it's broken.


that option only is effective if you hide the BTT Touch Bar by default for that app, but then make it visible (e.g. via the predefined action „toggle bettertouchtool touch bar“.) In that case the BTT Touch Bar will be shown and no system control strip.

For the system Touch Bar only the system settings in System Preferences-> Keyboard will apply.

Yes true
But even so, when btt gets active the entire app specific stuff disappears and btt replaces that along with the strip.

Can I send a preset does that help?

that’s expected if you use the „ Show the App standard touch bar, and disable MacOS Control Strip when BTT is activated“ option :slight_smile:

Maybe I don’t understand correctly - if you want to only replace the control strip with BTT widgets - that’s not possible. BTT can only replace all or nothing (you could add one BTT button to the control strip)

OK, but then that option name is misleading :stuck_out_tongue:
It says "Zeige die standard TouchBar der App -- verstecke Control strip falls BTT aktiviert wird."

As control strip I understand what apple designates it for:
means, the right hand area of the touchbar, not where the app-region but to the right of it.

So, if used in your southernmost neighbor country Switzerland, :smiley:, by default the option would mean:
show the standard Touch Bar of the App (Adobe) ==> OK (it will appear in the app-area)
BTT is not aktiv ==> OK
Mac Control Strip is shown ==> OK

Now make a button or keyboard shortcut or whatever you like to "aktiviere" BTT.
We now expect verstecke Control strip falls BTT aktiviert wird.

Hence we should end up with Control Strip versteckt (and replaced by BTT) and the standard APP in the app-area.
What happens instead is that on BTT activation the whole Touch Bar is replaced by BTT

And that is not what the setting says.

Hope it's clear what I mean (I am Swiss so I have the UI in German).

In another way, if what I say above for some reason is not true (and likely the option will be renamed?) then, would what I want be possible somehow?

It is very sad renouncing to high level Touch Bar like adobe pretends to have it, and not being able to use BTT along with it but only either or
It would be supercool to enable using both (specially for apps like adobe, where the touchbar really can make sense)

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You answered that already I see now

But then the setting should really be renamed to "Replace the Touchbar" and not "Replace the Control strip"

Do you agree?

The reason this option is there is because some presets need the control strip to be visible while the BTT Touch Bar is active, and some presets/users need it to be hidden when the BTT Touch Bar is active.

It's hard to put this into a short description, it should be something like "By default show the App's standard Touch Bar, in case the BTT Touch Bar is activated manually (e.g. via a predefined action) show the BTT Touch Bar on the whole Touch Bar surface (don't show the system Control Strip)."