Importing modules into a Run Real Javascript action

Possible? If so, where should files go?

For the floating webviews that'd be possible but the "run real javascript" action doesn't allow this at the moment.

I need to think about this, not sure whether there is a good way to do this with the current setup.

You could however trigger some node script that's stored on your machine from within the Real Java Script action.

I don't think that helps me. I have a bunch of code on actions that's essentially the same code with minor value variations. What I'd like to do is have each action call a function with parameters and get a returned value, but I can't pass and receive values to and from triggers?

It's actually becoming a bit of a nightmare to manage; Making a simple code change becomes disproportinally time consuming.

I'm working on ways to pass data to actions.
Currently the only way is to use variables though. Would that help?

So you'd basically have a named trigger with the java script code. In the java script code you'd have a call to retrieve a variable.

The various versions of the action would then just set the variable and call the named trigger.

yes, that's basically what I'm doing.

passing data to actions would be extremely useful