Import Pro Tools settings into Aqua Touch

Hi, Just started using BTT. I've created a touch bar for Pro Tools, I have also downloaded Aqua touch. Is there a way to import the Pro Tools preset into Aqua touch so I don't have to switch between master presets The Pro Tools controls show up when I select Pro Tools, but they have Aqua Touch gesture help mixed in with them.

Of course! highlight the app(s) you are using for your pro tools preset. if you have more than one, youll have to do this for everyone app. Then click Copy App & All Triggers. Go to the Aquatouch Preset and paste the app by right clicking in the Apps area and pressing Paste. I'm pretty sure this works.

You can keep your pro tools preset seperate from AQT.

Just head to the "Unsupported Apps" section in AQT and exclude the apps using "Edit Conditional Activation Group Conditions".

Enable both presets at the same time and AQT should wrap around the pro tools preset you have. Make changes to the pro tools preset so it fits inside AQT if needed

Ok So i have it working in Aqua Touch, Can I get rid of the Aqua Touch controls and stop the Pro Tools controls from scrolling? IMG_4732|375x500