Import presets not working

I have downloaded the following presets from the new Preset Sharing Plattform:

I import them to BTT. The presets are shown in the presets menu, but presets are empty, there are no triggers.

Restarting BTT doesn't fix it.

Running Ventura 13.5, macbook pro 16 inches 2021 m1 max, BTT 4.179

Thanks for reporting! Seems to be some database issue, I'll have a look.

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I fixed the database, the presets should now work again!

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg

I imported first "Browser". Then "GoogleTranslateOnDesktop". Everything was correctly imported.

But when I imported "NotchMenuNew", BTT crashed before it asks me if I want to import the Shortcuts actions or only the BTT preset.

When I open again BTT, only the 2 first imported presets were in the presets manager. NotchMenuNew was not imported. And what is most relevant, my main preset was removed.

I imported again NotchMenuNew and now it was well imported, asking if I wanted to import Shortcuts configuration.

Then I imported the last backup of my main preset, and it was well imported.

So no problem at all, but it seems it can be an inconsistency when importing presets, isn't it?

could you check if there is a crashlog in the macOS "" under "Crash Reports" (in the left sidebar) (7.9 KB)

Yes, there is a crashlog. Find it atttached.

Jusy fyi, my main preset is called "BTT_MasterPreset" (I only use one preset).