Import csv file as Key Sequences / Typed Words

I just realized I can replace TextExpander with BTT's Key Sequences / Typed Words.

I have a large csv file with about 150 lines and two columns: keywords and replacement strings. What would be the easiest way to import these as Key Sequences and Typed Words in BTT?

Additional, optional, ask: ideally for cross-platform compatibility, I would like to be able to export all of BTT's Key Sequences / Typed Words and ultimately transform into a csv file. I tried Presets - Export preset, but it saves what looks like a json of all of my other preset categories also, and I couldn't find my one test "Typed Words" in there.

And the magic final touch would be iff these text replacements were available on iOS somehow. Perhaps if typed in BTT remote, they could be loaded into the mobile device clipboard?

Looking for the same thing here. Did you find a solution?


I did not sadly.