Ignoring certain track pad gestures

BTT can trigger actions on trackpad gestures.

I am using BTT to provide bespoke Touch Bar buttons for OpenCPN - a marine navigation program.
Buttons with suitable icons do things like turning on/off the display of navigational lights, zooming in or out etc. This is achieved by turning them into OpenCPN shortcut keystrokes. This all works well.

However, any accidental touch on the trackpad with two fingers causes very wild zooming in or out, which is disastrous when navigating at sea. It appears that OpenCPN interprets two-finger drags as scroll-wheel input.

I have been trying to use BTT to trigger on two-finger gestures and do nothing with them - throw them away.
There seems to be no no-op action. Anyway, I have been unable to prevent the wild unwanted behaviour.

Should BTT be able to handle this? Any suggestions as to what I need to do, please?