Ignore specific mouse shortcuts in application


I have all of my shortcuts working the way I want them to. However, I have Mouse 3 and 4 bound to something, but when I am in a specific application I do not want to use those binding. I've tried setting the specific application to do nothing/default on those buttons. This does not work. I have to turn off all shortcuts. I want to keep all shortcuts active except those 2.

To clarify. If I disable BTT then I can use M3 and M4 in the game. If I have BBT enabled all my keybindings work, but M3 and M4 no longer work. I'd like to disable M3 and M4 shortcuts so they are normal, but still have all shortcuts work.

Any ideas?

If It doesn't make sense let me know. I can try to rephrase it.

Any ideas?