Ignore built-in touchpad for extra gestures added by BTT

I know that I can disable my built-in trackpad when my Magic Trackpad is connected through the Mac accessibility settings. Unfortunately this disables it completely, and sometimes I’ll use my built-in trackpad while typing on the laptop keyboard to make minor pointer adjustments and it would be nice to be able to do this without activating my corner triggers for BTT.

I'd also love to love to have a way to assign different actions to my MacBook's touchpad (or completely turn off BTT for built-in) vs my external Magic Touchpad.

As it stands, I'm constantly triggering actions I didn't intend when I use my MacBook's built-in touchpad.

you can do that. There is a setting per gesture where you can select the trackpad type. (just not differentiate between two of the same type yet, that will come soon)

Thanks! Will give that a try!