If/then with "shift"?

@Andreas_Hegenberg Here's what I'm trying to do.

I press and hold "shift" like you do it when you want to type a capital letter. Now

  • If a letter follows within 1 second, BTT just types that letter.

  • If no letter follows within 1 second, then BTT does something else, for example show the stream deck emulator.

I tried this with "Delays" with "Execute Action after Timeout", "Cancel action" etc. but it does not work.

Actually it would work with short/long press, but "shift" alone is not recognized as a shortcut.

Can BTT do this somehow differently?

I don't think that's currently possible (maybe with some java script that's running in BTT, but that would not be trivial).

I think the key sequences feature would would need (in addition to the "max pause between key presses") a "minimum pause between key preses" and additionaly a way to to match a range (or all) keys. Both could be nice additions in general, I'll check whether I can add this.

Yes, quite a lot could be done with such features.

Didn't you say you were planning an update of the Key Sequences? :smiley:

Maybe I said I would like to update them :wink: However the algorithm is already super complicated - so I'm very careful with any additions there. But these two seem feasible.

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You probably haven't had time to look at that yet, right? :innocent: