Idea to disable drag lock delay

There have been lots of complaints and discussion online about the drag lock delay in Mac OS. Basically, if we enable dragging on trackpad without drag lock, it doesn't really disable drag lock, but instead leave it on for like one second after we release before turning it off. Like all those people, I also find it a very annoying "feature" as I usually instinctively move the trackpad elsewhere right after lifting my finger assuming that the dragging is done.

I read that BetterTouchTool used to support its own dragging without the release delay, but this was only on the old version, and I learned from this thread that it isn't in the newer versions as it is not possible with newer macOS versions.

I however have an idea of how we can emulate a no drag lock interface if every time we double tap to drag, once we release the finger, BTT automatically sends a left click. Automatically sending a left click to mac OS once the dragging finger is released will disable the drag lock, without us having to get used to pressing again when we're done dragging. Call me inflexible, but I don't like having to get used to different dragging habits when I switch between OS. I think this is something that BTT can do?

Unfortunately this is much more complicated than it looks and I never got it working nicely. That's why I have decided to not have such an option in BTT anymore.