Icon colour change


I am trying to customize the GoldenChaos-BTT touch bar preset to fit my needs. I see that some icons change colour upon activating it (e.g. toggle mute button becomes red if in mute; Connecting to AirPods changes icon colour from white to blue, etc). I see that this can be done by choosing the "alternate" mode colour.

Now I want to customize this to something I prefer. But whenever I throw in the new icon file (it's in png, with background transparent and whatnot), it only shows the picture...no colour change. Also the icon was supposed to show white, to fit the touch bar background. But this is not what's happening. This is the icon I want to use...any reason why?

This one doesn't work, whereas the default icon including the one below
seems to work.

bump, hopefully someone can help me with the icon. please?

can someone help what kind of change I should make in photoshop to get the working icon? thanks

If the problem is that the icon isn't inverting the colours, you can just change the black lines to white. Not sure why some change and some don't.
If the problem is the background of the icon isn't changing, make sure the "Activate alternate colour and icon if result matches regex:" is correct.


Nah I want the icon itself to change, not the background.

You need to convert the icon to complete gray scale. BTT only changes the color automatically if the picture only contains gray scale, no color pixels at all.

This should work: