I thought I'd share my current design

By making some custom icons, and using them for visual purposes only, you can create some quite cool effects.

• I made a quick menu for my work folders and my favourite internet tabs.
This is the main layout with interactive buttons.

• I thought it would be fun the use the red yellow and green window buttons to function as the ESC key.

A quick menu for easy access to my most used folders. I find this to be actually very useful in everyday work.

• A quick menu for easy access to my most used internet pages.

• I loved the weather widget in the aqua-touch preset so I used it as well, just slightly modifying it by adding humidity etc.

This is a work in progress but let me know what you guys think.

A question:
I am trying to figure out how to make a button that opens a Touch-bar group only when holding it down. so I can press the quick menu buttons, slide my finger to the folder I need, and open the folder on release.

Does anyone have any idea how to go about this?
Any help would be appreciated!

Looks cool!

On-touch opening & sliding is currently not possible with BTT.

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Thank you!
I appreciate your fast reply.

It could be a cool addition for a future release, I think It would make quick menus on a touch bar actually useful. Clicking just once instead of two times make the workflow a lot smoother and more user-friendly!

Great designs! Really into them!

Are there extra triggers in between to create the flowing effect?

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I just made some icons in illustrator and added extra buttons without functions and used them to fill up the space between the buttons. :wink:

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Those sliders look nice. :smiley: possibly my favorite design so far.


has there been any update in this suggestion?

this is very nice. how did you get the buttons to look like that? with that connecting line etc.

Thanks! the connection lines are just functionless buttonswith a custom icon.
The icons are just quickly made in Ai.

so you made a whole button as the icon or how did you change the shape of the slider knobs?