I think something broke the GPT web window implementation of BTT

As of today, I cannot see GPT anymore in the BTT GPT web window.
This is the inspector:

Something on GPT (Openai) side seems to have changed, the assets are all blocked.
All BTT and OS are up to date and it worked just fine a few hours ago (yesterday)
I can access the tool online on the openai website just fine.

This could be a service worker / cache issue as it seems to work just fine here.
Unfortunately BTT doesn't have a "clear webview" cache function yet, so you'd need to go to the Storage tab in the devtools and clear it there.

To unregister all service workers run this command in the console:

navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistrations().then(function(registrations) {
 for(let registration of registrations) {
} })

Thanks - that did the trick.