I think my main problem is "clutter."

How best to set up one trigger that performs the same function in multiple apps.

I made a Pop-Out action for the Notes app where it selects "Window;Open Note in New Window"
But I want to grow this out and make it more universal. But every app has different ways of doing this.

Brave, for instance, makes me go "Tab;Move Tab to New Window"

I assumed I'd be able to have one trigger command that lead to a universal trigger that could have if statements for each app.

I think my main problem is "clutter." I'd like to be able to put them altogether so they're not grouped out by app.

I think I want to go to "Pop Out Window" and see every app I've got it working with.

I think this would help me keep track of the rules that I've made for different apps. Quite often I'll go to make a shortcut and discover I've already done it. Or done it in a different app and called it something else.

Any idea what the best way of doing this is?

@Andreas it's been over 20 hours since I posted this.

Frankly, I blame your children. But don't panic. I considered the problem over a boiled egg this morning and I may have a solution.

With an accelerated learning program curated by you and consisting of 8 hours of coding per day punctuated only by naps and brief interactions with Mr Potato Head, I think we can probably get the 2 year old answering questions on the forum by September.

The newborn may take longer but, then again, with work, perhaps their first word will be "variable" or something.