i purchased a license back in 2016, but when i installed BetterTouchTool on a new laptop, I keep getting an error about my license not being covered and asking to downgrade

however, each time i select to downgrade, it downloads something (i assume version 2.716) and installs, and the same popup keeps showing up. I've done this about 5 times now and it seems to be the same every time.

here is a screenshot of the message that keeps popping up even after i click Install Update:

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That's weird, could you send me an email with your license data to andreas@folivora.ai?

Thanks, will send you and email!

I have same problem.

Downgrade to last version covered by your license (v2.716)

Maybe my license doesn't cover v2.716, but updater tries to downgrade to it (the previous version, latest is v2.717).

Downloaded v2.536, and it's updater made downgrade to v2.428. v2.428 works.
(My License was made on Jul 19, 2016.)

I wish it may help you.