I keep needing to restart BTT

It all works fine, then, suddenly, nothing works at all. I restart it and everything works again. I need to do this many times throughout the day.

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Air
  • macOS version: 10.14
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.646 (956)


Let me clarify a little more.

I have a number of finger taps, etc, set up. They stop having any effect until I restart BTT. Then it works for a while and without understanding why, they stop until I restart again.

As this post hasn't resulted in a single response, I'm assuming this is not a typical bug behaviour. There are a couple of other menu bar apps that won't even launch since upgrading to Mojave, so this might be connected I can't say.

Can anyone suggest something to try?

I have the same on a 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Every now and then the BetterTouchTool icon will just be gone from the Touch Bar and restarting BTT will bring it back.

Mildly annoying...

The icon doesn't go for me, implying it has quit, it is always running, it just needs restarting in order to work. Only started happening after upgrading to Mojave. :frowning:

This should be fixed in v2.660

Can I ask when this will be pushed to Setapp? The version available through setapp is 2.643

Will be pushed to Setapp later today!

Thanks - for the speedy reply and the app. Was a subscriber before Setapp came along. Use it all day every day.

So I did upgrade to 2.660 but it still happens in a very similar way. I can't say if there is any difference other than it does still happen. Very frustrating.

Same here. My version is latest.

Andreas, any thoughts on why this is still happening for us?

If i restart my computer it works well but suddenly stop working. Then i restart BTT it works only 1-2 minutes. I have to restart my computer again.

Weird. Do you have a valid license installed?

@essef, I see you already contacted me earlier about a code signature issue - this could also be related because BTT will stop working if the code signature is broken. Sometimes bad unzip apps can cause this. Are you using the Apple default archive utility? (this should work fine)

If you haven't already, try to download a fresh copy from https://folivora.ai/downloads

Yes my license is valid. I clean install yesterday.

Could you go to the about screen in BTT then click "Export Debug Information To Desktop" and send the "BetterTouchToolDebug" folder which was created on your desktop to andreas@folivora.ai ?


Thank you for your help.

same happening here - i have shortcuts for maximize legt/right half screens, but after a while it will go to third screen instead of half.

it happens so often that Ii actually have a shortcut for restarting BTT, which resolves the issue for about half an hour, then back again....

Please also go to the about screen in BTT then click "Export Debug Information To Desktop" and send the "BetterTouchToolDebug" folder which was created on your desktop to andreas@folivora.ai.

It's probably a different issue, but I'm still investigating some things here.

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my problem solved. If i open BTT on another account[login account] this causes a problem. My another account uses BTT in trial mode.

I have the same problem, using version 2.716. Just sent my debug folder as an email