I have a problem that has been bothering me for years

Dear everyone
My English is poor. The following translation is from google
I started to use BTT in 2015, it is very good, so I have to pay twice, in order to keep receiving updates
I have a problem that has vexed me for many years. How can I pass the shortcut gesture set by BTT to the remote virtual machine
For example, command+c= three-point swipe to the right

大佬们好,我英文很差,以下译文来自google,我从2015年开始用BTT,它很好,为此我服了两次费用,为了能一直收到更新,我有一个困恼多年的问题,我如何才能把BTT 设置的快捷手势传递给远虚拟机,例如 command+c=三指向右轻扫

unfortunately that depends on the software you are using for remote controlling your vm. Unfortunately some of them do not correctly forward programmatic keyboard events.

Thank you for your explanation, I often connect to win10 created by PVE, do you have any useful reference information