i feel like i'm missing something basic

i cannot get floating menus to appear at all. i have installed btt version 4.206 (2426). i have a license installed.

i have tried creating a keyboard shortcut trigger to launch a floating menu, but when i try to assign an action to the keyboard shortcut, "floating menu" is not in the list of available actions.

i downloaded and installed the "script examples" and "notch test" presets, and they install but nothing i do makes either of them appear. when i inspect one of them and click "toggle menu visibility now", nothing happens.

the pop-up menu in the top left of the config window which lists all the trigger categories does not include any mention of floating menus. the only way i can view the floating menu presets i installed is to choose "all configured triggers overview."

i feel like i might be missing something basic and systemic. can anyone help me out?

floating menus are only available for macOS >= 13, maxbe that's causing this for you?

LOL... i really was missing something basic! that is indeed the issue; i'm on monterey.

thank you for the quick reply. i'll experiment again when i update macOS.