I can't assign a long press to a key

Hi guys, I want to do a very simple thing:
when I normally press a key, I get a character, when I long press it, I get another one.

Let's say I want to normally use "9" and "0" but, when I long press them, I get "(" and ")" (for quicker typing).

Well, I can't do it.

If I set a rule with long press (0,25 s) for "9" it works, but pressing it normally doesn't do anything. So I added another rule for pressing within 0,25s, just typing "9". but, when i type the key, BTT crashes (after a long spining wheel). Then I tried to assign "insert/copy/paste" and I typed "9". But sometimes, pressing 9 I get the clipboard content attached, while some apps (for example Photoshop) doesn't detect the key at all.
What I'd really want, is something like "if I normally press "9", just ignore any BTT rule and type "9"; if I long press it, type "(".

What is the correct way to implement what I need?

Look here

or the alternative

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Thank you @Frank1, but still I can't make it work (edit: it works, but it's a bit more complex, as I need to set multiple actions to delete the char).

The second link doesn't work for me, so I followed the first one:
Short press for "9" now works well (I guess "prevent recursive triggers" is the key not to make BTT crash).
But long press, where I assigned "SHIFT-9" after 0,25 seconds, does nothing. :thinking:
I'd prefer that key combination, rather than Paste the bracket, but apparently it doesn't type anything.

Edit: thinking better, maybe it doesn't work because, remapping several keys, all close together, may change the original values. To make things more difficult, I'm not only adding the brackets to the keys, I'm also moving the brackets one key on the right (its' a long story, but to make it short, it's because the layout of my keyboard is english and I'm italian, so the symbols are not aligned and I always get confused). So SHIFT-0, may not give anymore the original character (does it make sense?).

Paste function may be good when you have to insert complex text (like an email address or so), but it would have better to have BTT directly type a specific character: every time I use this function, I see the menubar activating for the "paste", and this takes some time (at least on my slow Mac Mini). And, as I said before, sometimes it gets confused and paste my clipboard content instead of the right character.