Hyperkey unusable

Sorry, it may be me, but I don't understand why people don't just use the BTT feature that allows right control to be used as a hyper key.

Some keyboards do not even have a right control key. Like my MacBook Pro. Which makes it difficult to use.

This is a misunderstanding. I also have a Macbook without an extended keyboard. Remape in Macos --> Keyboard Caps Lock to Control. Now Caps Lock becomes your right Control key. In BTT you can then choose which control key to use for shortcuts.

I am still experiencing inconsistent HyperKey behavior:

  1. Sometimes when I have an input focused, caps-lock will actually toggle on and off.
  2. Often times, especially if I haven't used a hyper key in a while, I will need to trigger it multiple times before it activates.

Most of my hyper key actions just open specific apps, no external scripts or shortcuts.

Unfortunately, I have switched back to Karabiner Elements for my hyper key usage. BTT's implementation just did not work reliably.

I use a Microsoft Sculpt keyboard, which is connected through it's USB wireless dongle. Perhaps that is why? Not sure.

Hopefully future releases help stabilize it.

For who is interested.

When using BTT hyperkey to trigger macros in KM, sometimes it doesn't work. This seems to be because BTT keeps the modifier pressed for a (too) long time.

What helps is to release all modifiers at the beginning of the KM macro.

Thanks. I’m giving this release action a try over the next several days to see if it makes it more reliable for me.

It turns out releasing the modifiers made no difference. Guess I’m going back to Karabiner, which never had problems triggering. I’ve spent too many hours trying to get the BTT hyperkey working reliably. But I’ll save all my BTT hyperkey shortcuts (deactivated), in case it ever becomes reliable on my system.