Hyper Key Named Trigger (CAPS) not working

I have followed exactly the Github instructions to assign CAPS to Hyper Key and THEN a named trigger to have CAPS to work as CAPS if not used as hyper key

Hyperkey works fine. CAPS only (typing in CAPS) does not work. The green light blinks briefly but does not stay green nor I can type capital letters

  • Type of Mac: Mac Book Pro M2 16 inch
  • macOS version: Ventura 13.3.1
  • BBT 4.073

I'm not sure what "Github Instructions" you followed.

In v4.073 (2289) using Caps Lock as a Hyper-Key w/ the fall back of a named trigger is working as expected, at least for me. A single press of the Caps Lock key with no additional key, triggers the Caps Lock function.

Did you setup your Named Trigger Correctly?

Also be sure that Caps Lock is set to Caps Lock in the MacOS System Preference > Keyboard > Modifier Keys setting