Hyper Key Help Using Named Trigger (Escape) with other modifiers as hotkeys

I followed the instructions here (Defining a Hyper Key · GitBook) to set up caps lock as hyper key and escape as a named trigger. I tried both ⎋ and "ESC (Escape Key respects pressed modifiers)" for the named trigger. Both work as described.

However, I previous had been using ⌥ + ⎋ and ⌘ + ⎋ for other functionality (that logically align with nearby keys). I can't get these to work with the Caps Lock as hyper with ESC or ⎋ named trigger (also trying to press ESC after reassigning itself instead to the "ESC (Escape Key respects pressed modifiers)" option.

It seems that hyper should instead trigger as escape when pressed with a duplicate modifier key.

A separate question that could also resolve the aforementioned issue: Is there a way to assign specifically the top-left ESC key to something, hyper or otherwise? I don't want to reassign ⎋ globally, just the top-left physical key.

Thank you.

There is a predefined action "Esc (Escape key respects pressed modifiers)".
But I'm not sure whether that will help, where have you configured the ⌥ + ⎋ and ⌘ + ⎋ shortcuts?

That didn't work. I tried using that and ⎋ for the named trigger.

I configured those shortcuts in BTT, specifically in the "Keyboard Shortcuts" section.

When I swap the named trigger to "ESC (Escape key respects pressed modifiers)" it does not save the keyboard shortcut when pressing Caps Lock but it saves it when pressing the physical escape key. I tried this also after setting ⎋ itself to "ESC (Escape key respects pressed modifiers)" and it makes no difference (with either named trigger).

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