Hyper Key Functionality Broken

macOS: 12.0.1
Mac Mini M1
BTT Version: 3.612

Hyperkey no longer is regularly working, I'm using the caps lock key to be replaced and I can't get it to consistently work, often times the caps lock functionality gets enabled which doesn't make any sense to me. Additionally the command key gets converted into the tab key and I can't use window switching or any cmd+ shortcuts until I quit BTT. Trying to use the hyper key functionality also locks up the rest of the modifier keys and renders them inoperable alongside any regular keyboard input.

Technically Hyper Key has never worked 100% of the time but since updating to 3.612, it works less than 5% of the time.

I also have major problems with a hyper-key activated with 3.6.12 which I didn't have with the previous alpha releases — basically it seems like hyper key is permanently triggered and so any normal key presses fail. macOS 12.0.1 — can we download previous alpha releases?

edit: ok found you keep every build here :star_struck:: Index of /releases

edit 2: revert to 3.6.09 and hyper key is working again, also 3.6.11 is ok

Fixed in 3.6.15 for me, thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg !

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