HUD Overlay feature

I really like this software! I bought a lifetime license because she is simply amazing :grinning:
One of the important features is the HUD Overlay option, so I can get feedback that the action was actually performed.
There are a few things I would be happy to see fixed:

  1. When you create a trigger and mark V on the HUD Overlay, you cannot immediately add a HUD Overlay, but you have to go to something else and go back to the trigger settings and only then is it possible. The video is attached.

  2. Sometimes the layer just freezes on the screen, and only when I click on the BTT icon in the menu bar it disappears.

  3. I would be happy if there were more options for customizing the size and position of the layer, as well as if there was an option for a pop-up notification to pop up on the side (toast).

I would be more than happy to hear from you, @Andreas_Hegenberg
Thanks again for this amazing thing you created! A Mac computer without BTT is worth 50% less!

technical information:
Mac version - 14.5
MacBook Pro 14 inch
Latest BTT version

@Andreas_Hegenberg Can you please comment?