HUD Overlay Explanation

Is there an explanation of what the HUD Overlay does?
I see references in the community postings, but don't know what it actually does, or is supposed to do.

The HUD Overlay. is similar to what you see when pressing CMD+TAB on a mac (then all open apps appear in what's called a HUD Overlay). Or when you change volume, Mac shows the progress bar in a HUD Overlay.

In BTT you can create for example a button, which has "Show HUD Overlay when pressing Button" checked, and in there you can insert HUD Title and Text, this is what you will see displaying inside the HUD Overlay once you press that button on the TouchBar.

I could see a real use case, for example, to display a "copied" success message for a copy button, or whatever the like for visual "pop up" on screen

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Exactly. It basically is a prepared message that pop ups on your screen and fades away all by itself.
You can use it to get confirmation if a script worked properly or not, or just give you feedback about the action you just triggered.
@Andreas_Hegenberg as a request, wouldn't it be nicer and maybe easier to understand for some users to transform the HUD to a macOS notification?

Thanks. I'll experiment a bit with the feature.

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