HUD Font is Black

At BTT4.017, HUD Fonts are displayed Black.
Cannot change other colors from setting panel.

which version of macos are you running?

Mm, have the same problem with 4.069 and Ventura


works for me as desired and usual ... Ventura 13.2.1 / BTT 4.069

Bildschirmfoto von InDesign (27-03-23, 10-31-43)

I'm not able to reproduce this, it looks like @SLE's screenshot for me.
Are you sure you did select the whole text before changing the color? The color picker always only affects the selected text.

Ah, stupid me, select the whole text, that was exactly the problem, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it makes sense to change the overall color if nothing is selected. I'll check how other apps are doing this.

Having to choose the text seems perfectly ok to me. You should just think about it, which is not that difficult. :smirk: