How to use your trackpad like volume knob

Here is where I originally found the idea.

Basically, set the trackpad gesture 'Rotate Right' to the action 'Volume Up', and the gesture 'Rotate Left' to 'Volume Down'.

To get this to work really smooth, go to the Trackpad settings and then the 'Scroll & Zoom & Rotate' section and mess around with the settings.

This is what my settings look like currently:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing!
Somehow, it doesn't work properly with keyboard illumination

That's strange, it seems to work for me. Does it work as normal if you set it up with the Volume Up and Down actions?
Also does it work when you adjust it normally through the F5 and F6 keys? If not, check the top answer here:

Both volume and brightness works like a charm. When it comes to keyboard light, it lags a lot and is not responsive. The "buttons" in the touch works so that is not the problem

Oh right. Sorry, I haven't had that problem with my Macbook, I don't know whats causing it with yours.

It even lags when I hold down the buttons on the touch bar. So it must be my computer that's acting weird.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this idea. It has come in handy for me :smiley:

Hey! Great suggestion. It's been a great option for me that I like to change volume in small steps.

I use the same rotate feature holding down Command to adjust the brightness in the same small steps.

This has been a great solution to two of my problems so far.

im trying this gesture out but the zoom in/out on the Mac settings is conflicting. If I uncheck "zooming or out" from the Track settings then the gesture works wonderful. If I check it then when I rotate counterclockwise it zooms out too.

Any idea how can I go around this? I mean I want to have the "zoom in or out" in settings checked and have this new gesture work properly too.

Thanks so much for this, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but I actually love it. It allows me to not take my hands off the trackpad and just feels so convenient.

Another big thank you. This is so awesome!

I am so new to the bettertouchtool and I can't seem to get it to working. Here's what i did -

  1. Changed the trackpad setting to the picture shown in the post
  2. Added a double finger gesture of rotate right to volume up

After changing these two settings it just doesn't work. Am i missing any of the other steps?

Goodness, this was a great tip. The volume controls (rotate right and left) work great and I added FN button (rotate right and left) for brightness. Both work great. Thanks.