How to use variable in "Find/Search Text on Screen & Move Mouse"?

I'm trying to create a trigger that, when invoked, will ask me to type in some text, and then find the text on screen and move the mouse to that text and click it.

So the sequence would be something like this:

  1. Ask user for text input (this is the variable)
  2. Use such text input in the action "Find/Search Text on Screen & Move Mouse"
  3. Left click

I'm stump at how to use the text variable from "Ask For Input, Save To Variable:" in "Find/Search Text on Screen & Move Mouse."

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

You can put the variable in curly braces like this:

Best use the latest alpha, there have been some fixes for the find text action.

Thanks for the reply! Sorry, I'm quite a newbie at this.

In the "Text to Search" box in the screenshot, should I enter exactly "{variableName}"? If not, what should it be?

I don't know what exactly variableName is supposed to be to refer to the action above it. Thanks again!

no, it needs to be the variable name you defined in the “Ask user for text input” action

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Got it! I was able to make it work! Thank you so much. :heart:

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