How to use "Turn Stream Deck On" action after turning Stream Deck OFF?

I'm pretty confused about the intended use of the "Turn Stream Deck On" and "Toggle Stream Deck On/Off" actions.

After you either use "Turn Stream Deck Off" or "Toggle" the Stream Deck off, the buttons don't respond... how are you supposed to turn the Stream Deck back on? The only way I've found is to manually restart BTT - how are you INTENDED to turn the Stream Deck back on (and how are you supposed to use the "Turn On" and "Toggle" actions)?


you can use any non-stream-deck trigger you want (keyboard shortcut, trackpad, mouse etc.).

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AH, OK, gotcha. So the intent is to "Turn On" the Stream Deck via some other mechanism. Thank you. I guess, now that you've said it, it's embarrassingly obvious. Sorry. :slight_smile:

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