How to use the edges of the trackpad as sliders?

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I'd like to be able to run a finger/ two fingers across the bottom/ top edge (from one side to another) or the left/ right edge (top/ bottom to bottom/ top) and trigger slider behaviours, such as change between safari tabs, applications, brightness, volume, etc.

Is this possible? (I did look and tried a couple of options, but I have no idea even how to start this)

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You can assign trigger conditions to the gesture that limit it to the upper / lower parts.

However by default the lower and upper edges of the trackpad are filtered out to prevent accidental thumb touches. You could turn off the thumb handling, but it might cause accidental input for other gestures:

@laterral It's cool to use the AD for this. Unfortunately, it doesn't work reliably enough for me.

A click in the four corners of the trackpad works better, but still not reliable enough for me.

What works best (for me) are gestures whose actions are for example only executed when the mouse is over the menu bar. So, two finger swipe left/right, last/next tab. Two finger swipe up/down, volume up/down.

Or a gesture works anywhere but triggers different actions if a modifier is pressed at the same time or not.

If you disable thumb recognition the edge gestures will work much better, but it comes with the caveat of possible accidental triggers.

By not reliable enough, I mean the combination of the things you mentioned. :slightly_smiling_face:

There was a bug in previous versions where x and y were mixed up in the condition checker. That definitely could have caused reliability issues maybe? :smiley: Right now the two finger swipes with conditions seem to work very well here.

Ah, ok, then maybe I'll start a new attempt. :smiley:

Mmm, your example seems to work only moderately well for me so far. Out of 10 times it triggers 7 times correctly.

What I don't understand (but I'm sure it's me as always) is why it doesn't need a counter-gesture for the rest of the trackpad?

It does need one if you want to trigger a different action for the rest of the trackpad :wink:

Say in the top right corner of the trackpad, a two-finger swipe up triggers Mission Control.

The same gesture anywhere on the trackpad scrolls, even without any additional action.

Or is that maybe because it's done by macos and not by BTT?

correct, BTT doesn't override the macOS scrolling

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@Andreas_Hegenberg many thanks for the care in answering my question!! I haven't considered the accidental touches. To mitigate, can the "slider" be only deployed exclusively to one zone?

i.e. the top edge to register a one-finger slider and cycle through open windows