How to use *specific* modifier keys in keyboard shortcuts

While using Citrix Workspace/Viewer to connect to my work Windows machine, I can press (Left)Control-(Right)Command-RightArrow to switch between Windows desktops. This only works with the left side Control and right side Command keys. Is there a way to have BTT send that very specific set of keys as a keypress?

Ideally, I want to target it to the Citrix Viewer application, too. (As in Send keyboard shortcut to application.)

Have you tried these actions? As far as I know, the left and right modifiers are sent. Therefore I conclude that the combination (Left)Control-(Right)Command is also sent.

Thanks, but it only works to press only (Left)Control-(Right)Command-Arrow. If I hold down both Control and both Command keys it does not action on the remote system.

Mmm, then you have no choice but to ask Andreas to extend the modifier actions (above).

I don't know if this is possible. But at least it doesn't seem impossible, because BTT can already distinguish between left and right modifiers. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, even that would not guarantee that your use case works. Pressing real modifiers is not always the same as pressing virtual ones.

Hello @zkarj,

I have a similar problem to you. Have you been able to find a solution for the right Command key?

i have the same problem. is there no solution yet?