How to use "Only Calendars With These Names..."?


I'm new to Better Touch Tool and new to GoldenChaos, so please forgive the newbie question. I'm trying to configure the "Next Events / Reminders Widget" for my touch bar but am having trouble selecting which calendar to display.

I'm using Fantastical, and have multiple calendars from two servers: iCloud and Exchange. I only want GC-BTT to display events from a calendar named "Calendar" on my Exchange server. I've been tried setting the "Only Calendars With These Names (Comma Separated):" field to "Calendar", but this seems to have no effect. My Touch Bar continues to display whatever the next event is from ALL my calendars.

Am I doing anything obviously wrong? Does GC-BTT use with Exchange calendars? Any suggestions or instructions appreciated.

Thank you,

I have the same issue and would be interested in a solution. I put in the calendar I want to be displayed, but it still displays all events.

BTT only works with the macOs calendar api, this means only calendars listed in the macOS calendar app can be filtered. Are your calendars all visible in the macOS calendar app?

Yes, it‘s a handful of iCloud and three Exchange calendars. I only want to have one Exchange calendar showing up. Put the name ‚Kalendar’ in the field, but the event from the other calendar still stays.

It works fine here with my Google Calendars that are listed in the Apple Calendar app, unfortunately I don't have any exchange ones to check. Possibly the exchange servers are not supported by the standard Calendar API ;-(

Do they show the correct name if you right click them in the Calendar app and select "Get Info"?

Yes, the name is correct. Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 12.44.46