How to Use BetterSnapTool

I am new user of this community, sorry if I posted this thread is a wrong category.

Today, I have purchased the life time license with my gmail ID. Now I want to use BetterSnapTool but Apps store asking me for payment.

Please update me how can I use it.

Tilak Bisht

Hi Tilak,

the license is for BetterTouchTool (the much more powerful sister app of Bettersnaptool.)

If you only need Bettersnaptool I can refund your order and you can purchase Bettersnaptool from the Mac App Store. (send a quick email to if you want that)

BetterTouchTool can do everything Bettersnaptool can do :slight_smile:

Hello Andreas,

No, I am using BTT as well for my iMac and I thanks for this tool.

since I am authorised buyer so I should have access of BetterSnapTool....Am I correct?

I have seen the Windows Snapping option in the BTT but BetterSnapTool offer more customisation options.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Bettertouchtool does have all the same customization options :slight_smile:
It would be bad to run both of them at the same time for performance reasons :slight_smile:

Thanks for update.