How to trigger change in Stream Deck Profile

I read the BTT documentation on Stream Deck and searched the BTT forum about Stream Deck , but found it very difficult to understand. I am generally considered by friends and family as below normal intelligence.
I have a simple question: I find it tedious to press Stream Deck buttons repeatedly all day to change Stream Deck profiles, and would like to do it via BTT. Is this possible ?
Please note that by profile I do not mean app specific profiles, I mean also all kinds of profiles to do things like formatting, etc
thanks in advance for your time and help

I use BTT to control my Stream Deck, not the Elgato software.

You can associate buttons with different applications and they will appear when the application becomes active. You can also create "conditional" groups that will appear when the conditions are met. For example, I have media control buttons appear when any of my various media applications are running..even if that app is not at the front.

Does that answer your questions?

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Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry: I don't understand.
For example, I have a non app related profile called "Format" where I can quickly change font sizes, styles, etc
In practical terms what exactly are the BTT actions that I should use to switch from the default profile (or any profile) to the "Format" profile.

If I understand correctly, you have configured these in the Stream Deck app - not in BTT, correct? Unfortunately in this case BTT can't switch the profiles for you. That would only work if you had configured everything in BTT.

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thank you very much @Andreas_Hegenberg for your reply. I don't want to give BTT complete control over the Stream Deck device.

Are we perhaps concluding too quickly?

In my experience, constantly pressing buttons to switch profiles is the most tedious aspect of using the Stream Deck

There is an other approach:
I can open the Stream Deck status menu with an AppleScript (I would prefer to do this with BTT if possible.)

tell application "System Events"
	tell process "Stream Deck"
		click menu bar item 1 of menu bar 2
	end tell
end tell

The 2nd step is simply to choose a profile from those listed in the status menu as shown on the ScreenShot below. In the case below, there are 3 profiles: Bear, Default Profile and Format (and others not shown).

Could that be done with BTT? There is one slow and tedious solution , which is to use the AppleScript to open the Stream Deck status menu, and select a profile using insert text by typing action, but I would prefer a faster solution.

thank you again