How to transform text (to formatted text)?

Is there a predefined action or another way to transform text?
For example from that to that:

Ah I missed the text transformer actions when I recently added the format additions.

With 3.777 this is now possible, e.g. using HTML:

async (clipboardContentString) => {
   return `
<b style="color:red; text-decoration:line-through">${clipboardContentString}</b>

You would need to edit the HTML/CSS (the part inside of the tick marks) to fit your exact needs regarding font etc.

Ok, thanks, but I can't do that. Then I have to do it with another app.

Ok, it's pretty simple though. You can use any HTML editor to create that html part, e.g.

Online HTML Editor - π—›π—§π— π—Ÿ-𝗒𝗻𝗹𝗢𝗻𝗲.𝗰𝗼𝗺 (

Are there other tools that can do this more easily?

Yes, below the simple macro from Keyboard Maestro.

The text is selected, copied and then transformed as I have previously defined. At the end the transformed text is pasted again.

Ah that's interesting, that might also be a good addition to BTT at some point.

Ok, I have tried it. Not rocket science, but not so easy either do it accurately for someone who doesn't code :slight_smile:

It changes font and size :man_shrugging:


Probably I better stay with KM until BTT makes it easier :slight_smile: