How to specify the order of external monitors for BTT to move an app to ?

I use an Intel MacBook Pro with these monitors attached:

  1. internal display
  2. external monitor
  3. external monitor
  4. external monitor
  5. iPad Pro
  6. Samsung TV connected through Apple TV

One of the features of BTT I use a lot (I depend on it really) is "center window on next monitor"

Unfortunately this feature moves the App Window in an illogical order from one screen to the next.

I want the function to move the App Window from one screen to the next in the exact order how the screens are physically placed in the room.

Currently it moves the App Window from screen 2 to screen 5 then to screen 1 then to screen 3 …

How can I accomplish this?

You would need to specify that yourself using the "Custom Move / Resize" Action. It can either try to figure out the next display like this:

Or you can manually specify the screen like this:

If you use the second option you could put multiple custom move/resize action into a "cycle through multiple actions" meta action to cycle through different screens in an order you specify.

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Thank you Andreas!
Your first solution produces EXACTLY the behaviour I was looking for. It is perfect :slight_smile:
Thank You!

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