How to simply view a body of text in TouchBar?

With the display mouse on, could we move through the text with a scroll or something?

+++ is this forum really this dead? At least open the subreddit if you're going to let it die like that.

not dead, there probably just hasn’t been anybody who could answer your question.

I think I haven’t fully understood what you need, to just show text you can add any sort of Touch Bar button and enter the text you want to show.

Alright, while I have your attention I have another ask as it looks like what I'm searching for is not exactly possible.

Is there a way to display notifications on touchbar? Say I want to see the contents of an iMessage notification I received. Linger for 5 secs maybe and then disappear?

Unfortunately macOS currently makes it hard to listen to notifications from the Notification Center. It would be possible to create a script that regularly polls the notification state and then displays it in the Touch Bar but it would not be good for performance.

I have been looking into performant ways to listen to notifications (because that would be a great feature) but I haven't found anything good yet ;-(

Oh well. TouchBar would be a really great tool with some more freedom, but apple being apple I guess.

Sorry about the weird passive aggressiveness. I've been searching really hard for a week for a solution but looks like It's not possible. And while at that, thank you for making the greatest add-on I've had on my computer.

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