How to show f keys

I thought I had set this up in past, but obviously it was just a dream

I would like to show the F keys on the toucher when fn key is pressed. Simple as that.
If that is not possible, then can we create buttons that each mimic an F?
I could only find F13 upwards, no F1, F2, etc

The best case really would be if I could just bring back the old "non touchbar" Fn keys on top by pressing Fn :slight_smile:

Took me awhile to find these, too. You have to set them up manually.

"Send Keyboard Shortcut" -- then you press the key you want it to send. So Fn+F1 will set up F1. Then do this for F2 thru F12.

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Right, the problem is that when I press Fn, I can't see the F keys to start with.

That is the first thing I tried, to setup custom keyboard shortcuts.
I guess it has something to do with BTT settings to show/not show f keys by default, I can recall I dealt with that in past and yet I seem to become less smart over time :roll_eyes:

Doh, found it in Mac System prefs > Keyboard > ShortCuts > Function Keys > Add app to show Fn Keys.

Then configured all shortcuts in BTT and removed above setting again.

For someone doing the same - ideal button width for the Fn key in my case was 73, with a distance after button of 10, default padding etc, this spans the full width of the touchbar.

Case closed.

Well, just that they do nothing.

Probably have to map actual function to the F keys nowadays?
Even when I use the Mac native ones, it just "bips" but nothing happens

For example natively f10 would be supposed to mute. Yet it does not
Weirdly enough F11 does something, but not what it is supposed to do: It shows the dashboard :roll_eyes: (this is with native keys as well as with BTT mapped keys)

@Andreas_Hegenberg - any hints here how to easily bring back F keys by pressing Fn keyboard and have them do what natively they do on Mac?