How to show app-specific touchbar with a shortcut?

I've been experimenting with having app-specific touchbars on some programs, like PowerPoint and Word, but the only option I can figure out in the BTT settings is how to have the app touchbar open on default, and my custom BTT touchbar open with a shortcut, ie.

I go to Word > Word touchbar opens automatically > I press command and MY touchbar shows up

This is useful and I'm enjoying the added functionality, but for the most part the app-specific touchbar is only for niche uses and my custom one still makes the most sense to have most of the time. So, my question is how do I reverse that order up there, so that;

I go to Word > MY touchbar remains open > I press command and the Word touchbar appears

Is this possible? It feels like it should be! If anyone has any advice, I'd be thrilled to hear it. :grin: